TV Hackday 2014

"TV Connaisseur": TV Recommendations via HbbTV

Developers, conceptioners, producers and designers met at TV Hackday 2014 in Berlin on September 20./21. to create innovative apps on the future of television.

watchmi API hack beim TV Hackday 2014

source: Le Connaisseur

watchmi API hack beim TV Hackday 2014

The event was hosted by Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg. Eight teams formed up whose hacks were evaluated by a select jury with judges from Arte, Microsoft, Vast Media, Google and the Institute for Internet & Society. APIs were provided by  Microsoft, Tweek, watchmi, Arte, Brahms and FIcontent.

Le Connaisseur 

Our Content Discovery API was exploited by the team developing the HbbTV app "Le Connaisseur". The app lets viewers rate shows they like and receive recommendations for similar content via pressing the red button on the tv remote control. Le Connaisseur is used while watching TV, so it also enables the viewer to turn directly to a recommended show playing on another TV channel. The code is public at Github.

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