Content Discovery API

A fully-featured Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for state-of-the-art Content Discovery

It provides a wide range of filtering and sorting options for instant personalization. Multiple recommendation technologies can be added to guide viewers to the best content available to them.

You want to easily deploy an EPG or other TV-related services? Our Content Discovery API provides all the necessary tools for content discovery, search, navigation, recommendation and personalization through audiovisual media assets. You can easily integrate it into your own user interface and concept.

Our Content Discovery API enables you to harness the power of watchmi for:

  • Set-top boxes
  • Personal Computers and Laptops
  • Connected TVs
  • Tablet computers
  • Smartphones
  • Web portals
  • Smart Watches

and any other connected device.

Using the Content Discovery API, application and service providers can access standard and advanced EPG features, from basic search to personalized recommendations.

Content Discovery API at a Glance

The Content Discovery API of FUNKE Digital TV Guide enables the creation of a wide range of solutions for navigating linear and non-linear video content on connected devices:

  • Comprehensive EPG tool set, based on rich program metadata from TV DIGITAL (program listing, advanced search, complex filtering, editorial recommendations, images)
  • Recommender for personalized content discovery (similarity, preference, collaborative, statistical, social, editorial recommendations)
  • Access to catch-up TV catalogues
  • Theme Channels: additional online video content, curated and up-to-date
  • Access to Movie Trailers

Flexible and efficient

For each use case, an application can freely define the required data depth delivered by the Content Discovery API and take use of its extensive set of filters. That makes it easy to build performant applications even for devices with limited hardware resources or slower Internet connection. 

The Content Discovery API supports the most common EPG use cases including:

  • What's On Now: a summary listing of programs that are on right now
  • Catching up on demand: The Content Discovery API provides access to catch-up TV catalogues of TV channels for on demand viewing
  • Search: The Content Discovery API features a powerful search functionality with Instant Search feature and a variety of filtering options. The searches comprise multiple sources of metadata and can include both linear and nonlinear TV to bring viewers a more complete picture of the content that is available to them. This search functionality can enrich Video on Demand services to create additional up-sell opportunities for operators. Results can be additionally modified, filtered and sorted based on the customer’s requirements (business rules, etc…)
  • Channel Listings: program schedule on a specified channel
  • Program Details: display detailed information about a specified program, including attributes such as 1st run, HDTV, movie trailers and many more. Program Details can be coupled with recommendation technology for similar shows/movies, etc.
  • Editorial Recommendations: Best Bets from our staff. The editors select 30-40 programs that they consider to be the most worthwhile watching for each day in six categories: Movies / Sports / Entertainment / Series / Documentary & Information / Kids
  • watchmi Recommendation Engine: Suggestions based on content similarity, the user’s personal TV preferences (Personal Channels) and/or social graph, and other Recommendation Engine features
  • Personal Channels: On devices with recording and storage functionality, watchmi can take suggested viewing lists one step further. The user can specify that the programs on the suggested list are recorded automatically, creating a personal cache of programs for him or her to watch when it’s convenient.
  • Theme Channels: watchmi Theme Channels is our free Video on Demand portfolio that complements the regular television programs. watchmi Theme Channels is curated content organized around a topic or theme, and available for viewing 24/7. 

The Prerequisite for Great Content Discovery: Premium Metadata

Consistent, high-quality content metadata are key for a good user experience and great content recommendations. Metadata can be provided by FUNKE Digital TV Guide or ingested from third parties, depending on region, market situation and individual requirements of the targeted use case. 


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