Theme Channels

Curated Video on Demand Content to Complement Regular Television Broadcasts

watchmi Theme Channels is a content delivery platform built and designed around curated groups of related content items. Theme channels can be delivered to connected devices across a variety of platforms.

watchmi Channel Manager (Landessieger Berlin)

source: Initiative Mittelstand

watchmi Channel Manager (Landessieger Berlin)

What are watchmi Theme Channels?

A watchmi Theme Channel is a list of related videos for on demand viewing. The Theme Channel portfolio is designed to complement the regular television broadcast offering by more dedicated and niche content. watchmi Theme Channels are  a curated service of editorial recommendations that is constantly monitored for quality as regards content and technology. 

For improved content discovery, Theme Channels are grouped in eleven categories, from arts to sports.

watchmi supports two Theme Channel types:

  • Linear Theme Channels:  Curators create lists of TV programs to be recorded. The items selected by the curator are recorded for later viewing when they are aired. (This only works on watchmi devices that support recording.) 
  • Nonlinear Theme Channels: Curators create playlists of streaming (VOD) videos.  The videos are available for viewing as long as they are at the URL specified by the curator.  VOD items can be monetized through targeted advertising with the pre-roll ad integration based on industry standard VAST 2.0.


watchmi Theme Channels can be implemented on various devices and services: 

  • Full watchmi integration: As part of the watchmi Personal TV service, Theme Channels are fully integrated in the television channel paradigm. Users can add one or multiple Theme Channels to their regular television channel list. As Theme Channels behave like playlists, they eliminate the gaps that separate live TV, recorded TV and OTT/VOD services.  With watchmi Theme Channels, all content appears in a unified experience, independent of their source.  
  • Stand-alone service: watchmi Theme Channels can also be operated as a stand-alone service, e.g. as app for Connected TVs. Users can personalize the app by subscribing only to those channels that are of interest to them. Operators and content providers can integrate the Theme Channel portfolio or a selection thereof to provide a great choice of curated content to their customers.
  • Service integration: watchmi Theme Channels can be integrated into existing services to enrich user experiences. For example, electronic program guide operators have improved their services by including watchmi Theme Channels to provide clients with on demand video stream for instant viewing and to bridge the gap between TV and online-based video services.



watchmi Theme Channels can be used to deliver news updates or episodes of a video podcast to subscribers. They can also be used by brands as a state-of-the-art content marketing tool to engage interested consumers, deliver branded content, or as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

watchmi Channel Manager

The award-winning* watchmi Channel Manager is a cloud-based content and video asset management tool that is optimized for managing watchmi Theme Channels.  watchmi Channel Manager makes it easy to upload videos, assign metadata, create a watchmi Theme Channel, arrange delivery to destination devices and curate the Theme Channel’s contents. With its advanced video analyzer and configurable filters, watchmi Channel Manager ensures that devices only receive content they can actually play back.  If necessary, incompatible videos can be transcoded into an appropriate format.

Supported devices and platforms

watchmi Theme Channels are currently available on the following devices and platforms:

  • Connected TVs from TechniSat as part of the watchmi Personal TV Service
  • Digital HD receivers from TechniSat, SetOne and maxx technologies as part of the watchmi Personal TV service and as stand-alone service
  • Smart TV App "watchmi Themenkanäle" - standalone service, on devices from Amazon Fire TV, Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, TechniSat and Toshiba

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* watchmi Channel Manager has been awarded the Innovationspreis IT of Initiative Mittelstand in 2013 (Landessieger Berlin).

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