Targeted Video Advertising

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing messages

FUNKE Digital TV Guide employs a patented Advertising Management service that permits the delivery of targeted video advertising inventory. Our solution is based on the triple principles of personalized, measurable, and permission-based technology.

Ad Management System

Our Ad Management System is purpose-built to target advertising in DVR and VOD environments.  The easy-to-use web-based management interface is designed to allow end-users to manage advertising assets, specify targeting rules for ad placement, and manage campaigns with a minimal learning curve. 

The placement of contextual video ads in watchmi Personal Channels creates a win-win-situation for advertisers and viewers. Targeted video advertising has been proven to be more effective than regular advertising formats by connecting viewers with brand messages that are relevant to them. As advertising has become an integral part of video service monetization, we focus on optimizing the ad experience for both, the advertiser and the viewer.


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