Search & Discovery

Advanced cloud-based search and recommendation technology

watchmi includes a powerful search facility that enables viewers to search for programs they want to watch and discover content they will learn to love.

Smart Web EPG for 1&1, GMX, platforms

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

Smart Web EPG for 1&1, GMX, platforms

In addition to keyword searches, watchmi allows the use of advanced queries on its rich set of metadata fields, including titles, people, editorial ratings, etc., which allows viewers to narrow down search results to only those that are highly relevant to their interest. Search criteria can be either entered by the user or preset in the application.

Functions include:

  • Search for expressions in any text field
  • Filter search results by criteria involving metadata fields: channels, time, names, genres, etc.
  • Customizable sorting and weighting in results ordering

Our search technology covers linear (scheduled) and non-linear (on demand,  catch-up TV) data. It can be combined with recommender scores from the watchmi Recommendation Engine to deliver personalized search results. Metadata packages can be configured to include linear programs, non-linear programs or both.

The search process itself is facilitated through our very fast (while you are typing) autocomplete technology. 

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