Personal Channels

Our unique concept of personal channels guarantees a constant supply of relevant content.

watchmi uses a "Personal Channel" viewing paradigm which enables the creation of a range of differentiated content "playlists" that in turn are able to more effectively support real consumer viewing habits in situations where different persons are using the same television experience (as is the case in most television household living rooms). Personal channels are also ideally suited for the multi-screen experience, as they are independent of the viewer’s physical location.

A personal channel gathers the best recommendations for the individual viewer.

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

A personal channel gathers the best recommendations for the individual viewer.

What is a personal channel?

A Personal Channel can be thought of as an ordered list of personalized suggestions for video content discovery. A personal channel is created by the user and can be centered around any specific item, such as:

  • a certain topic, e.g. „Holiday destinations in Asia“
  • a dedicated genre, e.g. „Science-Fiction“
  • a favourite actor or actress, e.g. „Sandra Bullock“
  • a popular television show, e.g. „The Simpsons“
  • etc. 

A personal channel is typically created by a seed program, selected from the electronic program guide (EPG) or from live television viewing. Based on the program’s metadata, a filter is automatically created to recommend matching content. Programs that pass the filter will be automatically recorded.

Personalized recommendations

More related content will be generated by the watchmi recommendation engine. The user can like or dislike these recommended items, which, in turn, further improves these personalized recommendations and narrows them down to only programs that the viewer likes.

content discovery made easy

watchmi Personal Channels are designed to improve video content discovery and consumption: 

  • The user is largely in control of the kind of content s/he is exposed to
  • Personal channels unite the best of both worlds: a constant stream of great content just like on TV, only better, and the comforts of on demand navigation: once a user navigates to a personal channel, playback will resume from the last position viewed. Users can pause and rewind their recordings as they like.
  • Each viewer can have one or more watchmi Personal Channels, which represent viewing occasions and diverse interests
  • Users can even create shared channels, e.g.  a family channel, a children’s channel, or a Sunday night movie channel. By supporting the creation of shared channels, watchmi overcomes the multi-user problem associated with digital video recorders. 

Proven concept

A field trial of the personal channel paradigm in family households in three European countries ratified the advantages of personalized content discovery. Personal channels greatly improve the television viewing experience: 

  • Users generally felt that their time in front of the telly was spent more efficiently due to the personalization and relevance of content recommendations
  • After 17 days, 90% of the total TV viewing time was spent on personal channels
  • The amount of television content consumed increased by two hours, on average
  • Each household created seven to fourteen personal channels
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