API for TV metadata, content discovery and recommendations

Whether you are developing an EPG or VOD product, we have solutions for electronic program guides (EPGs), personalized recommendations, content discovery, metadata preprocessing and targeted advertising that are easy to integrate into your system.

watchmi services at a glance

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

watchmi services at a glance

By means of our advanced Content Discovery API and its related services, such as the watchmi recommendation engine and the award-winning watchmi channel manager, application & service providers can access everything watchmi has to offer to bring together viewers and the content that interests them:

Our targeted advertising solutions, as based on our sophisticated recommendation technology, enable content providers to monetize their services through highly relevant, entertaining, and measurable formats. In addition, our metadata preprocessor can help you ensure the smooth operation of your service by checking the quality and consistency of your metadata.

Fully adaptable solutions

To support the range of possible feature sets listed above, and to allow for service optimization based on device and connection characteristics, the program metadata packages of FUNKE Programmzeitschriften GmbH and the watchmi service can be easily configured to deliver the data and functionality required by the specific usage scenario. watchmi is able to provide different levels of service to match our customers' needs.

For example, a basic program guide running on a smartphone might have different data requirements than a full-featured program guide running on a home entertainment system. We configure the service of your over-all EPG data package to deliver according to your requirements, while for an optimized performance, your application can easily specify the needed subset of data in each request, just what is needed by the application.

The watchmi services typically run on redundant systems in FUNKE Digital TV Guide's virtual private cloud and are optimized for the best possible performance. They can also be deployed and operated on customer sites, if required.

Versatile Products and feature sets

Because the Content Discovery API uses standard Internet technologies such as HTTP, HTTPS, XML, and JSON, it is possible to harness the power of watchmi services from a wide variety of connected devices, including set-top boxes, personal computers, connected TVs, tablet computers, smartphones, and web portals.  watchmi makes use of content delivery networks (CDN) for additional scalability and adaptability to load patterns that are typical for EPGs. We have implemented detailed monitoring on everything, from hardware up to API level.


Our technology will help you to successfully answer your customers’ demands for content discovery and TV show recommendations. watchmi will enable you to reply to popular requests like these and much more:

  • What’s on TV now?
  • What’s on TV that I like?
  • When does my favourite show air?
  • Which movies air on the weekend that meet my taste?
  • Which series are recommended by the experts?
  • Which shows are popular amongst my friends?
  • Where can I watch the show I missed last night?


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