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Personalized content discovery for your customers

Over-The-Top operators: use the power of watchmi content discovery to bring the gems in your content offerings to your customers!

The online TV service Zattoo uses watchmi recommendations in its programming guide.

source: zattoo

The online TV service Zattoo uses watchmi recommendations in its programming guide.

The democratization of content production contributes to an ever-growing excess of digestable information that offers consumers a wide range of choices. OTT operators provide a multitude of great content from various sources to their viewers. More and more users demand trustworthy tools to navigate complex content catalogues and personalized recommendations based on their preferences or social environments.

sophisticated content discovery through recommendations

By integrating watchmi recommendations with your service, you can make your customers aware of more enjoyable content that is available from you. This serves to improve your customers' perception of your service's value, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Our solution provides a complex set of recommendation features, including:

  • Personalized recommendations that are tailored to an individual viewer’s tastes and preferences
  • Statistical recommendations: e.g. What’s hot, Trending Topics, Most viewed, Latest releases
  • Editorial recommendations that enable you to up-sell promoted content or provide hand-picked Top 10 lists from experts
  • Similarity-based recommendations based on metadata equivalences, e.g. movies with the same actor, of the same genre, etc.
  • Collaborative recommendations based on shows that users with a similar viewing pattern have liked
  • Social recommendations from a user’s network of friends are highly relevant as friends share interests

In addition to personalized recommendations as state-of-the-art tool for content discovery, watchmi can provide you with more sophisticated solutions for increased content consumption and customer satisfaction:

  • Premium search technology with complex filtering functions will help you to better present the variety of aggregated data in your backend
  • Increase your portfolio with our editorial selection of additional OTT content via watchmi Theme Channels. We guarantee regularly updated content and clarification of rights.
  • Premium metadata for linear and non-linear data: The better your metadata, the better will be your customers’ experience, from content discovery to recommendations.
  • Monetize your content offering with our solutions for targeted video advertising: It's personalized, measurable, and permission-based.

Best Practice: watchmi personalized recommendations for Zattoo

The OTT live TV streaming service Zattoo uses watchmi recommendations for its website users in Germany and Switzerland. Zattoo implemented similarity-based and personalized recommendations by watchmi to increase the attractiveness and usage of its cloud-recording service in Switzerland and generally provide an improved user experience. Similarity-based and personal recommendations help users to find relevant content at the very time they turn on the telly, as well as in the next hours or days.

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