Multi-Service Operators (MSO)

Improved content navigation & discovery for your customers

The complex requirements of multi-service operators (MSOs) require flexible and state-of-the-art solutions for content discovery and navigation. FUNKE Digital TV Guide offers dedicated solutions for multi-service providers to answer the sophisticated demands of today’s media consumers who demand to find relevant content in a multi-source environment quickly and independent of its source.

Best of IBC 2011 for watchmi

source: TVBEurope

Best of IBC 2011 for watchmi

We put a strong focus on recommendation and personalization as it will significantly add to the satisfaction of your customers by triggering higher engagement rates with your content. Providing your viewers with relevant content can lead to greater content consumption, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased and maximized revenue. Our solutions support multiple content sources and data types. Our expertise spans the complete range from metadata preprocessing to personalized recommendations. 

See how FUNKE Digital TV Guide can improve your customer’s experience

  • Bridge the gap between linear and nonlinear content through premium metadata that supports catch-up TV services
  • Add relevancy through recommendations for linear and non-linear data
  • Improve the promotion of your VOD catalogues & push selected content through personalized recommendations
  • Improve use value of your service through advanced content discovery via rich metadata portfolios for actors, movies and series
  • Facilitate navigation through basic and advanced program guides for web portals, mobile apps, set-top-boxes, and other connected devices
  • Increase customer satisfaction through personal channels that present just the right content for the individual viewer
  • Enable your customers to watch their favorite content when they want - via our integrated DVR feature that automatically records recommended programs to be available for on-demand viewing (hardware with recording functionality required)
  • Provide a hand-picked selection of premium content via theme channels 
  • Present your own branded content in a branded channel for state-of-the-art customer relationship management


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