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for HD receivers and Smart TV

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

for HD receivers and Smart TV

The new viewing behaviour on second screens and connected devices, combined with the ubiquitous "what I want, when I want, where I want" demands of today's viewers, requires flexible and comprehensive solutions in terms of the presentation and provision of content.  watchmi provides scalable and customizable technologies for content discovery, and exposing just those items that are relevant for the dedicated user.

In an era of short life cycles, consumer electronic products have to stand out in terms of quality and enhanced services that enthrall consumers.  Accordingly, watchmi provides a variety of services and technologies, from basic search and program guides to sophisticated recommendation and personalization features for consumer electronic products from connected TVs to DVRs, digital set-top-boxes, tablets and smartphones. 

The Benefits of content discovery and recommendation technology solutions

Find out how you can create higher consumer attachment and satisfaction with state-of-the-art content discovery and recommendation technology solutions from watchmi:

  • Increase relevancy through personalized recommendations, based on similarity, preference, collaborative, statistical, social and/or editorial algorithms and recommendation engines that provide the viewer with the content s/he likes
  • Increase ease of use through personal TV channels that accumulate the best movies and shows from all available channels, tailored to the taste of the specific viewer
  • Provide autonomy through integrated DVR feature to automatically record recommended programs for on-demand viewing (requires integration with recording-capable hardware)
  • Increase quality through premium online content and/or branded entertainment in theme channels to enhance the regular TV offering through a selected choice of over-the-top content. With watchmi, the line between television and online video blurs away as  over-the-top (OTT) and regular TV broadcast content are treated equally.
  • Increase revenue through contextual, relevant & targeted video advertising

Best practices

Our recommendation technology and content discovery solutions have been integrated on a variety of devices from Smart TVs and HD receivers to tablets by TechniSat, Altech UEC/SetOne, and max communications in Germany, and Hutchison 3G in Austria.

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