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watchmi Theme Channels - on Connected TVs, HD receiver, tablets, and more

This is what our partners say!

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

This is what our partners say!

"watchmi Theme Channels" is a content delivery platform built and designed around curated groups of related content items. We offer our partners an innovative solution for content publishing in a live TV environment with our award-winning "watchmi Channel Manager," a straightforward powerful tool to create and manage Theme Channels. Theme Channels are presented on an equal par with regular TV channels and personal user recordings in watchmi Personal Channels.

theme channels bring your content to many devices

watchmi Theme Channels are integrated on a wide array of devices and services, e.g. Connected TV, digital HD receiver, tablets and smartphones. We currently provide more than 50 Theme Channels that range from niche to mass audience content in 11 categories. 

The watchmi system supports two types of Theme Channels:


Linear Theme Channels garner a dedicated selection of content from linear TV programming (e.g. editorial recommendations for what to watch & record on linear TV, such as TV DIGITAL’s Editor’s Picks). Included items can be automatically recorded if the watchmi device supports recording functionality.


Non-linear Theme Channels are playlists of streamed video content, curated around
a specific topic (e.g. Politik) or a dedicated brand (see: Branded Channels).


With our expertise in advanced content discovery and recommendation technology, we have developed the Theme Channel platform to enrich the viewers' video experience with relevant content that can be easily accessed. Becoming part of the watchmi Theme Channel portfolio can help you in reaching more devices, platforms and viewers. Our innovative solutions for the presentation of your content create advanced opportunities for the monetization of your services.

  • Place your content in a live TV environment to minimize disruption. Your content will be accessed within the framework of regular television usage, still the most popular means of enjoying video content. 
  • Your content will be presented within an adequate category in a curated content discovery app that connects you to deeply engaged viewers.
  •  Our solution for targeted video advertising enables you to monetize your content.
  • watchmi Theme Channels will bring your content to a wide range of devices from Connected TVs and digital HD receivers to smartphones and tablets.
  • watchmi Theme Channels will bring your content to established user bases of dedicated services, e.g. subscribers to the TV DIGITAL HD iPad app
  • Full reporting and monitoring of your Theme Channel’s performance.

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