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Our aim is to provide viewers with a personalized television experience that leaves them satisfied and happy. We are convinced that the provision of relevant content for the respective viewer should make use of the advantages of targeted advertising to create a holistic adventure of video entertainment that engages and diverts. 

Accordingly, our solution for targeted video advertising matches viewers with brand messages they can relate to and that are pertinent to them. We develop and support state-of-the-art "advertainment" models that bridge the gap between entertainment and marketing, enable storytelling and provide great opportunities for content marketing

Our platform supports long-form video advertisements, treating video ads just like any other program and presenting them on a par with regular video content within the channel environment.  It does this on a wide range of devices, from Connected TVs and personal computers to smartphones and tablets. The following formats are currently supported:

Branded Channels

Our platform enables our advertising partners to publish their video-based marketing messages in a live TV environment on equal footing with traditional, linear TV channels.

A Branded Channel includes a sequence of video streams and operates like a regular TV channel or video podcast. It can be composed of a diverse range of content items from the classic TV spot to infomercials and comprehensive branded entertainment formats for state-of-the-art advertainment, e.g. storytelling and content marketing. Accordingly, Branded Channels offer an excellent opportunity to stage your brand: innovative sales approach and first-rate positioning of your brand.

We cooperate with media impact and other leading European media sales organisations.

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