TV Hackday Munich 2013


watchmi hack "Voicecontrol" allows to control TV via voice

The TV Hackday 2013 in Munich resulted in a watchmi hack called "Voicecontrol". "Voicecontrol" allows the user to navigate his/her television or online video service via his/her voice.  Requirements include a Chrome browser and the computer's microphone functionality. 

watchmi hack "Voicecontrol"

Tell "Voicecontrol" what you want to see by talking into your computer's microphone. Say, for example: "Hello TV, I am in the mood for some trailers tonight."

"TV" is the code to start the hack, followed by whatever topic interests you, e.g. "cars", "fashion," or "music". You may also search for TV specific keywords such as "TV info" (information on the current video being played), "TV list" (program overview), "TV next" (playback of next video), and "TV stop" (end of playback). 

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