Media Hack Day 2014

TV Guide for Pebble SmartWatch wins watchmi API Prize

Software developers, designers and journalists joined their forces on March 22nd/23rd, 2014 to create future-oriented solutions for content archives. The watchmi API came to use in a variety of convincing TV hacks.

watchmi API hack from Media Hack Day 2014: Learn languages while watching TV

source: Funke Digital TV Guide GmbH

watchmi API hack from Media Hack Day 2014: Learn languages while watching TV

Axel Springer SE invited creative people to come and work together during Media Hack Day 2014. The participants had access to the archives of high-profile media brands (Axel Springer Verlags, Der Spiegel, Getty Images, Sanoma, Wikidata) as well as the APIs of watchmi, storyful and They were challenged to develop mobile and digital solutions which make long-term use of the publisher's content archives.

Among the rich variety of media hacks, three TV hacks emerged that centered on the watchmi API:

watchmi Pepple SmartWatch TV Guide

One team created a "What's on now?" TV guide for the Pebble SmartWatch, using the watchmi API. This hack turns your regular print TV guide into a smart wearable and was awarded with the watchmi API Prize.


Assuming that watching TV in a foreign language can help to learn that language, Mediabulary was developed to facilitate vocabulary learning. The app helps the viewer to locate TV shows that are suited to learn a foreign language. It then selects related news items and generates a vocubulary training prior to the TV show which will help to better understand what is being said.

TV Maniac

TV Maniac provides additional information to the television program. Related news, reviews and gossip for movies and shows can be accessed directly from the TV guide. This can also help to decide on what to watch.

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