From Content Discovery to Personalized Recommendations: Get creative with the watchmi API

Attention Developers:Our easy-to-integrate, standards-based CDAPI offers everything you know from a traditional TV guide PLUS catch-up TV, personal recommendations, Theme Channels and movie trailers.

watchmi Hack, Media Hack Day 2014, Berlin

source: Media Hack Day 2014

watchmi Hack, Media Hack Day 2014, Berlin

watchmi is able to provide different levels of service as needed by the customer. A fan web site for a TV show might need little more than a basic program guide (EPG) and search function, whereas another service might require a more extensive range of content discovery functionality, from detailed program information to personalized viewing recommendations and social discovery. 

The API gives you access to:

  • EPG data from TV DIGITAL and HÖRZU,  14 days in advance, circa 350 national and international channels, circa 100 HD channels (simulcast to SD), circa 14 video on demand channels, over 3,500 series-profiles with detailed information about seasons and episodes, 17 broad categories and more than 2,300 genre/sub-genre combinations
  • Flexible personalization functions for managing user data such as favorite channels, reminders, playlists and more
  • An advanced content recommendation system for personalized content discovery
  • Access to catalogues of catch-up TV providers (where available), e.g. ZDF Mediathek, RTL now and more
  • Theme Channels – curated video content, always kept up-to-date from brands such as, kicker, Chip TV, Yogamour, Red Bull, Kinderkino, dpa Star News, Welt der Wunder TV and more
  • Access to movie trailers

To support this range of possible feature sets, and to allow for service optimization based on device and connection characteristics, our program metadata packages and the watchmi service can be easily configured to deliver the data and functionality required by the specific usage scenario.


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watchmi API projects

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