FUNKE Digital TV Guide

Providing Personalized Solutions for Content Discovery in the Digital Age

FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH provides advanced technology solutions for content navigation and discovery. We help viewers find videos they like in an ever-expanding universe of content.

From simple electronic program guide (EPG) systems to more sophisticated modes of content discovery based on personalized recommendations, our customizable solutions adapt to the specific needs and structures of our customers. 

Learn more: Leveraging Metadata and Editorial Guidance in our mission



We developed a Premium Electronic Program Guide Smart TV App that incorporates editorial expertise from Funke Mediengruppe's publication TV DIGITAL.  The app is pre-installed on Smart TV units from Samsung Electronics (J series from 2015 and K series from 2016).

In addition, there is a Companion App available.  This app runs on an Android tablet and can connect to compatible Samsung Smart TV's on the same network to control them.



The Discover TV Digital app for iPad and Android tablets combines the editorial expertise from Funke Mediengruppe's publication TV Digital with our content discovery technology in an easy-to-use, attractive package.  Try it now!  (linked page is in German) 


The UNICORN Project

We are privileged to participate in the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) with our Universal (Video) Content Redistribution Network (UNICORN) project. 

We believe in the relevance of video for digital news storytelling, and want to enable editors to publish more video in less time. The UNICORN project aims to streamline editorial workflows and introduce economies of scale to video reporting, facilitating a sustainable, profitable video business.

UNICORN will empower editors with an easy to use tool that provides them with one-stop access to all relevant videos and abstracts away technical complexities. Curated content can then be published to all platforms with one click.

UNICORN leverages technology developed by FUNKE Digital TV Guide for managing the distribution of video content.