Your Content Discovery Solution

Relevancy and Quality through Personalized Recommendations

The watchmi recommendation engine addresses the challenges that platform operators, CE manufacturers and content publishers face when it comes to retain increasingly emancipated customers in an environment of exploding content, supplier and device options.

Funke Digital TV Guide GmbH's Content Discovery API is shortlisted for the Content Innovation Awards 2016

source: Content Innovation Awards

Funke Digital TV Guide GmbH's Content Discovery API is shortlisted for the Content Innovation Awards 2016

Your Challenge

As the amount of data in the digital content universe continues to grow exponentially, so grows the three-fold challenge to viewers:

  • Navigating the various sources of content available to them
  • Finding content that they know they want to watch
  • Discovering content that they are interested but not aware of

Our Solution

watchmi meets these challenges by offering providers an easy-to-integrate, hosted, full-featured content discovery and navigation solution that features: 

  • The Content Discovery API, a flexible EPG API that provides a complete range of sophisticated features from basic to advanced to personalized requests
  • Premium TV metadata for detailed program listings, incl. movie trailers and access to catch-up TV catalogues
  • Advanced cloud-based search technology with instant search feature and a variety of filtering options
  • Powerful recommendation engine technology with sophisticated and patented algorithms that combine similarity, preference, collaborative, statistical, social, and editorial recommendations
  • Curated online video content in watchmi theme channels 
  • Monetization through targeted video advertising, powered by the watchmi recommendation engine technology

We are convinced that targeting and personalization will become the key drivers of content distribution and content discovery as data and choices increase. Therefore, our solutions are designed to operate: 

  • Across devices: connected TVs, set-top-boxes, tablets, smartphones, smart watches
  • Across platforms: Cable TV, IPTV, OTT, WWW 
  • Across data sources: linear TV, catch-up TV, video-on-demand (VOD), online video

Your Benefit

Our solutions enrich your customer’s experience on connected devices and platforms by providing instant access to relevant content. The provision of supreme content discovery tools can result in longer viewing sessions, increased content consumption, and more interaction with your services which can ultimately maximize revenue and reduce churn.

watchmi enables content providers to distribute their assets through our theme channel portfolio to highly engaged consumers on a variety of different platforms and devices, including set-top-boxes, connected TVs, tablets, and web portals.

Monetization of services is achieved by our solutions for targeted advertising and branded entertainment that are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience. Our sophisticated recommendation engine technology is employed in the provision of targeted ads and the up-sell of video-on-demand (VOD) content to supply viewers with relevant branding messages that generate higher impression rates than regular campaigns.

We work with strong partners & engaged developers to provide the best quality and service to our customers.  

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